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Means-Tested  Fees and Discounts





For those with an income of over £60’000 per year our standard fee rate is £120

per hour

For those with an income between £35 - £60’000 per year our fee rate is £86       per hour

For those with a ‘national average’ income between £20 - £35’000 per year our fee rate is £48 per hour

For those with an income  below £20’000 per year our base rate is £28 per hour

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This will cover a thorough search of any schools or educational alternatives within an hour drive of your home which may suit your child’s needs. The cost of this is a standard £95.00. We can offer different geographical criteria for the search please discuss your requirements. Please provide assessment reports to enable us to provide accurate information.




We compile a report which will advise you on the quality and legality of the support provided by the EHCP (Education Health Care Plan). We can also advise if further assessment may be needed to give appropriate qualified and quantified detail to ensure

 the educational environment

and therapy which your child

may need.

This costs from £65

depending upon the

amount of supporting






For those in financial hardship or on Low Income we may also offer a special discount in order to assist you . Please provide a full summary of your situation. It may be that young people with SEN - need help to represent themselves, or you may require an advocate to assist in Legal aid cases where there are communication issues or other difficulties.

Special discounts / pro-bono work is carried out at our own expense and is discretionary. Circumstances may change during your case and we are at liberty to withdraw or change the fees which apply at any stage.

Terms & Conditions EHCP Process Means-Tested Discounts - All Costs include V.A.T. @ 20%

   Our advocates are well experienced and trained in appropriate legislation, procedures and other issues  regarding Children and Young Adults with Special Educational Needs

ages 0 - 25.

Our standard fees remain below those of most specialist educational solicitors. We do

not base acceptance on probability of success - but

will advise you of the

likely outcomes.

We pride ourselves in providing emotional support to our clients as well as honest information.

We are not subsidised for our service and we manage discounted and pro-bono cases as a matter of goodwill  -  discounts below are for guidance and subject

to our discretion.

This may alter if your

circumstances change.  

Travel costs are standardised and all additional expenses are charged at cost.